Joe's 100e was in to have Emerald K6 management fitted, after fitting I also fully mapped the car on the rolling road.

John's Gardner Douglas Lola T70 was in for a new FAST intake manifold and FAST 90mm throttle body fitting,I also fully remapped the car.

Richard's Chevy panel van was in for some engine work and full tune and set up.

James' 440 six pack motor was removed, rebuilt, with new piston,H beam rods,Comp Cams valve gear and 440 Source Stealth heads. The engine was then dyno'ed and placed back in the car, then rolling roaded to get the best road tune possible, all in just 3 weeks.

Richard's FTO

John's F100 pickup When John purchased his dyno setup 540ci Ford Hemi from the USA it was fitted with FAST fuel injection,as with most fuel injection engines mapped on an engine dyno there was a small amount of work still to be done on road driveability,John took it to a local company to him to make the changes,they condemned the FAST system fitted a over prices under spec'ed system,and yes you guesed it the truck never ran right again.

The company then walked away from the job.

After I received the truck I refitted the FAST system, changed all the other problems I found. After 4 hour on the rolling road the truck now starts hot or cold,does not hunt does not cloud black smoke out all the time.


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