Ross Thornhill's Corvette
I built the 489ci engine For Ross for more info on the engine you can look here

Mick Checkett Chevy Nova
I've worked with Mick for some years now, I've supplied the JW powerglide trans and converter, built him a all new Ford 9" axle and new for 2009 is a 427ci 550hp small block Chevy

Simon Heek 1976 Jensen
Simon brought his interceptor in for a engine freshen up, but after removing the engine I found it was not a 360ci but had been swapped for a 318ci(not cool), so that was junk and a brand new 408ci 385hp was fitted. I also freshened the transmission and put the car on the rolling road and tuned it before simon came to collect it.

Dave Nugent's Charger
Dave's Charger was in for custom headers making and fitting, finish fitting his new 512ci engine,front suspension setup ,getting running and rolling road tuned

Henry was in for a custom set of 2.25in Headers

Graham's Ultima
Graham's Ultima was in for engine work and rolling road tuning.
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