Paul Hughes 383ci Hillman Imp
The Hillman Imp of Paul Hughes came in for a back half suspension set up,rollcage and a 480hp 383ci small block Chevy, 2 years later Paul was back for a front strut conversion, fitting of a Ford 8.8in axle, engine dyno and Nitrous oxide fitting,
The new set up has now run 10.3sec @ 139mph over the 1/4 mile in full street trim,
The engine made 515hp on the engine and 640hp with the N20

Paul Marston's Dodge
Grumpys Dodge came in for engine set back and a chassis update

This car is for hire to take passenger or to hire for full race meetings, go to for more info

Ian Johnsons Chevy Nova
I've worked with Ian on this car since he imported it from the USA, work includes, change of axle gears,suspension set up, and I have built his 421ci chevy engine for it, click here for more info

Paul Strange's Jensen FF
Paul payed me a visit in 2007 to ask if there was any thing we could do to liven up his classic Jenson FF(the first production 4x4), He really wanted to keep the 383ci chrysler B as putting a 440ci RB with its taller deck would make things very tight,
I quoted Paul on a package taking his 383ci out to 489ci using the standard block and sump
383ci taken out to 489ci including Edelbrock heads my choice of mild hydraulic cam = click here for engine specs
Now with 475hp and 580ft/lb it makes good sense to do the gearbox, I gave it a full freshen up and a new manual/auto valve body, I also supplied the JW Transmissions 2200rpm stall converter,
This work has tranformed the car, and Paul loved the one stop shop you get with John Sleath Race Cars, from first contact to engine work,engine dyno,gearbox,engine removal and fitting, to road testing, all done in house.
New for 2009 FAST XFI fuel injection
Click here for video of install and rolling road

Andy Hadfield Blown T bucket
Work done for Andy includes, engine rebuilds and upgrades,upgraded fuel set up, engine dyno, supplied JW Transmissions powerglide and 3400rpm stall converter,remade rollcage and chassis work.
I'm so looking forward to seeing this thing hit the 1/4mile with over 900hp on tap, click here for engine specs
News Flash 8.82 @ 155mph

Richard Nugent's 69 Camaro
Richard brought me a rolling chassis and a pile of bits, after we dyno'ed his new 632ci chevy(see dyno work) I set about fitting the big engine where the small block had been, I made the 2 1/4in headers, the full 4" exhaust, part wired the car and totally re-plumbed the fuel setup.when I first fired the car up running through the mufflers to say it sounded strong is a bit of a understatement

Paul's C4 Corvette
Paul's Corvette has all the good stuff 383ci engine,Pro-Charger,TH400 with gear-vendors, overdrive,but it never ran right even after many chip changes, I fitted a full FAST XFI system with stand alone loom a dual pickup distributer (so we have full sequential management) and FAST 65lb/hr fuel injectors. The car was dropped off on the Monday and Paul picked it up on the Saturday, we had a short road test to make sure it was mapped for Pauls driving style, then of he went back to South End, Finished price £2850+vat

Russel Smith 79 Firebird
Russel drove his Pontiac to me in 2009 with a 400 Olds engine, I then removed it and fitted his 502ci Big Block chevy, mateing his transmission,power steering,alternator and cooling fan to it, and also painting the engine bay
Russel then collected his car now with about 200 more HP and drove it back to the west midlands in rush hour traffic.
Then in 2010 he drove his car back to me for a full rollcage fitted and a battery relocated to the boot and a pre-season rolling road check over
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