Adam Cuthbert's 10sec Jago Jeep
I've worked with Adam over 4 years now, helping him to turn his Jeep into a 10sec wheel standing monster.
I built and supplied the Ford 9" axle, fitting it to his Jeep with one of my Pro 4 link kits and tied it in to the rest of the chassis, I also worked on the front suspension, lowering and setting camber and caster and setting bump steer

Andy Bales Ford
I built Andy's 302ci Ford and turned it into a 347ci using his stock heads, I matched the cam to the heads,intake manifold and nitrous tune. I also built the gearbox.
To this date Andy has run 11.5 on the engine and 10.20 @ 135mph on the gas in full street trim(full treaded tires,full exhaust

Shaun Murphy's Ultima GTR
Shaun started bringing his Ultima to me after having a bad experience with a regular garage, I've now built him a all new Dart based 400 Small block Chevy, rebuilt his Gatrag gearbox and also looking after the day to day maintenance of the car
Click here for engine spec and video

Big Al
I've worked for Al Williams for many years now, work includes building his 502cc Big Chevy for him, building his gearbox and fitting a transbrake,setting up his FAST fuel injection on my engine dyno

Osborn racing 100e Pop
John does most of his own engineering work, but I've helped by building his Ford 9" axle,supplying him with a transbrake TH400 gearbox and convertor,and he's also running one of my Pro 4 link kits,
For 2008 I've spec a new roller cam for him, dynoed his engine, 510hp no gas 740hp on the gas
John and Chris won the 2007 national street car challenge, and have just retaken the title for 2008, well done guys

Graham Bell's Mustang
Graham's had a full Nitrous kit fitted and updated fuel setup and also as you might guess a rear disc brake conversion
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