Ian Kerr's Ford 100e
Ian does most of his own work, I narrowed and built his Ford 9" axle and tinned the car out, also supplied and fitted Dart cylinder heads

Pete Youhill's '68 Chevrolet Chevelle
Pete had all sorts of handling problems, I totaly went through the car fitting a Pro ladder bar kit, tying all the rear of the car squaring and setting the corner weights and setting the camber and caster to my setting

In Pete's words

"the difference is unbelievable it feels like a different car

New for 2008 582ci BBC, check here for more

Dave Fox's Chevrolet Nova
©john-sleath.com This is the same story as I did on Pete's car, Dave Fox was all over the track, I changed many things about the car lowering it,fitting ladder bars and setting up the front suspension, plus fitting a Th400 transbraked gearbox and JW convertor
Dave now runs consistant very low 10s

Dave Billadeau 70 GTX
I supplied the Chromemoly rollcage fitted in the car, the JW convertor and have worked closely with Dave on his suspension tune

Michael Geraghty Beetle

Michael's Beetle is now fitted with a 308hp engine.

I have done all the chassis mode to cope with this much power

Chromemoly cage and chassis tie ins, fitting the fuel cell.setting up front and rear suspension so this little car will really hook- up.
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