Richard Sykes 2004 Ford Lightning
Richard let me loose on his Ford Lightning,the jobs list reads

Remove engine,strip,rebuild with forged go fast parts,including crank rods and pistons,then refit,

Rebuild gearbox with uprated plates and steels

Ported supercharger to its limit

Fit uprated fuel pumps

Fit line lock to braking system, with out affecting the ABS

Andy Reynold's 1968 Plymouth
Andy's Satelite has been in for

Gearbox rebuild and upgrade, JW convertor, B&M shifter

Axle gears, locking diff and superstock springs

Edelbrook heads,intake and cam upgrade


Stuart Heppenstall F1 Stockcar
I've looked after Stuart's engine needs for the last 4 years and have just finished building them a new 540ci big block chevy which made over 650hp
If you want close, fast full contact racing, F1 stockcars is a must see for you

Mark Gee 32 Ford Pickup
Visit Lucky Stripe for all your pin striping needs and more on Marks truck
Mark and Melissa Gee live just up the road, I look after all there engine and gearbox needs, I built the engine in Marks 32 pickup it's a 327ci chevy, with .490 lift cam 10.5to1 comp ported iron heads,I also rebuilt the carbs and made the fuel line and fitting,
After tuning the pickup drives like your daily driver and Mark gets 25mpg on a run

Neil Hunter Ford Capri
I've fitted axle gears and have supplied a TH400 with transbrake and 8" JW convertor for this 9sec Pro ET car
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