Engine/Chassis work 2007/2008
Jon's Cortina is now finished, he's already started clocking up the road miles, and within 8 full passes has gone 8.75 at 163mph, this is a ture street car, no roller cams here just a hyd flat tappet (motorhome cam) with .560 lift and of course FAST fuel injection and "the right tune"
Pic from Eurodragster.com
New for this year, SVO Ford block,Steel crank,Billet rods,Forged Pistons and I nearly forgot twin 80mm turbos, all this made a easy 1400hp/1350ft/lb at 23psi

Info on the 2004 chassis work
I have cut out the rest of the car and redone most of the cage and fitted a JS 4 link and wish bone rear suspension a long with a Ford 9" axle with 15x15 center lines.
The tubs I fit are made in house and are not flat packed one size fits all imports

Info on the 2002 chassis work

I first started work on this Mk 5 Cortina in the middle of October 2002, The starting brief was to tube out the front end set the 460 ci big block Ford 22" back, fit a 8v/71 GMC supercharger ,modify the intake manifold and install 89lbs/hr injectors to go with the F.A.S.T fully mapable E.C.U, All this and the car had to look standard, I think you will agree it has turned out quite well, and from start to finish was 11 weeks.

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If you look you might be able to see the blowoff valve and Acufab throttle body